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A video editor who was at the festival scouting talent stopped by and asked my
friend about his only book, his debut novel. The agent bought it ….. Ask a book
blogger. I believe many would be happy to act as beta readers. These guys read
books like we breathe air and you should get some great feedback. It may not
always …

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… Finding Penelope · Purr the novel · Turmoil to Redemption · The Golden Door ·
Plateau: Beyond the Trees Beyond 2012 · Linoleum · Just A Song Before I Go ·
Suicide Supper Club · Solace of Stone · Frankenstein A Life Beyond (Book 1 of 3)
· Raising Wild Ginger · Characters in Search of a Novel · Everybody has a story.

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Top 10s Top 10 books based in Tangier. From William Burroughs's Naked Lunch
to Paul Bowles's translations of Moroccan authors, here are the best novels set in
the city. Published: 9:19 AM. Top 10 books based in Tangier …

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19 Mar 2015 The challenge however for authors is to feel comfortable blogging their novel
when they still haven't gotten a full grasp on their narrative. Because blogging
requires an “outer voice,” authors might feel their creativity or thought process
might get stifled. While it's possible to blog and write at the same time, …

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22 Dec 2016 If you're having problems structuring your novel, you might well enjoy a blog from
the bestselling author of Structuring Your Novel: K.M. Weiland's site Helping
Writers Become Authors aims to do exactly that, to provide writing inspiration and
walk you through issues of story and character. Aside from the …